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The Best Medicare Supplements in Omaha, NE

The Best Medicare Supplements in
Omaha, NE
Introduction: What are Medicare Supplements
Medicare supplements are supplemental health insurance policies that cover the gaps
in the Medicare system. They provide coverage for services covered by Original
Medicare but not by other types of insurance, such as prescription drugs, dental care,
and vision care.
What you should know before you chose a Medicare Supplement
Choosing the best Medicare supplement for your needs can be a daunting task. There
are many options available, and it can be difficult to know what’s the best option for
you. It’s important to take time to research and compare all of your options before
making a decision. Here are a few things to consider:
1) Find a company that has a healthy pool of clients- The best rate or largest
company isn’t always your best friend. Massive rate increases can come if this isn’t
2) Choose the right broker not an agent- A broker will have multiple companies to get
the best rate vs an agent who has limited companies who works for a single carrier.
3) Analytics- Ask a broker if they can let you know the average rate increase of the
plan you are discussing. If that information can’t be provided you should find a new
broker. Why is this important? Well, with most companies your don’t have a do over if
your health takes a turn after your initial enrollment. You could be priced out of the
market with large rate increases.
4) Consider Self Insuring- If you can take on more of the out of pocket cost of copays
and Medicare Deductibles you can save thousands per year with High Deductible
Supplement plans. There is even a Supplement company that pays 3% interest if you
establish an account to pay your medical claims.
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The Top 4 Medicare Supplements in Omaha, NE
The Top 5 Medicare Supplements in Omaha, NE are the following:

1. Medicare Supplement Plan F
Plan F used to be the most desirable Medigap plan up until a couple of years ago. It
picked up every cost left by Original Medicare. Plan F policyholders had virtually no
out-of-pocket medical expenses and currently is only available for people that turned
65 before January 1, 2020.
2. Medicare Supplement Plan G
Plan G is very similar to Plan F and the only difference the Part B deductible. Premiums
are also cheaper in Plan G, but there are no age restrictions.
3. Medicare Supplement Plan N
N is the fastest growing plan because its steadily adding more beneficiaries to its
network. A few of the differences is the Part B deductible and Part B excess. Providers
who do not wish to accept Medicare assignments as full payment can include an
additional 15% excess charge. In addition, Plan N requires enrollees to pay out-of-
pocket expenses for doctors office visits ($20) and emergency room visits ($50).
4. Medicare Supplement Plan High Deductible G
High Deductible Plan G is the same as Standard Plan G. The only difference is a
deductible of $2490 in 2022.
Conclusion: In your search for Medicare Supplement Insurance
Remember This
Find a broker that has many strong companies that have healthy blocks of business.
There are many companies that will have very low introductory prices. You could get
stuck with big rate increases and not able to change companies if your health changes.
Lastly, get married to the plan not the insurance company. The standardization of
Medicare in 2006 regulates insurance companies. If they offer Plan G, they must offer
at least the same coverage across all carriers. The only difference is price.

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