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Business Interruption Insurance

Buy your business time by investing in business interruption insurance.


As a business owner, you know that anything can happen –– fire, tornadoes, floods, and any other natural or manmade disaster could potentially damage what you’ve established over the years. You’ll need financial coverage while working in order to resume business as normal after a disaster, whether that involves repairing your current location or relocating if necessary.

Did you know that 25% of businesses that close from a disaster never reopen? You can be part of the 75% who come back by investing in business interruption coverage.

What Does It Cover?
Why You Should Have Business Interruption Insurance

Would you be highly impacted by having your business closed for an any amount of time? How long could you wait for your business to get back up and running, without experiencing a major financial impact? Be prepared for the worst so you can
stay in business.

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